Need informations about tools and services for webmaster in USA

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I would like to transfer myself (with my site) temporaneously in USA, to
make my english better and to evaluate the possibility to develop a
business there, but I need to know some informations, or links about
internet services UMTS by cellphone and particularly if I need to use
professional services, or if I can use family services to connect to the
Besides I wold like to learn if it is necessary to have ay permission to
insert  periodically (monthly) web contects in internet by phone, or any
other permission for this kind of activity.
I know I could obtain only a temporary visa (I'm from Europe), but my
problem is that my web site need to be updated monthly. So whatever I
will do there I need to update it.
Endly I need to know if is  necessary to learn any law to be permitted
to make this kind of activity, particularly I'm interested in knowing
your law about privacy.
Don't be afraid: If I'll come there I will not compete with you more
than I can do from here :-)) ; at now we live in a global world, the
only difference for me is that here, where I'am, is to much complicated
to take advantages (and money) from this kind of activity. Besides I can
see the public institutions have, in your country, much respect and
consideration, for people making this kind of work.
I hope I' not "OT" with this post; if so excuse me and don't answer me.

Re: Need informations about tools and services for webmaster in USA

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Okay well, I'm in Europe, but the company I run is pretty much US
based as far as our infrastructure goes. All our servers are in the
US, and our sites are on those servers. I work between 2 studios, and
whatever city I happen to be in... basically any of my team can update
any site from anywhere in the world via their phones, or laptops.
Really doesn't matter where they are, or the servers are, in reality.

I spent the last 3 weeks in Tokyo, and I was able to post updates via
email from my cellphone & laptop with no problem.

Re: Need informations about tools and services for webmaster in USA

SpaceGirl ha scritto:

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Ohh thanks! That's interesting!  :-))

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Oh boy! ...I don't know again ths tecnology, but I'll try to update myself!

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