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Hi! I got some problems with web. I have one web page formed and on this
page is my whole content. Further i formed second webpage on different
freehost with the URL of this previous. Now i got on this second web site
commercials from this previous web site, two kind of commercials, from
origin webfreehost, and from the url-freehost from previous. The thing is
that i would like to remove this commercial adds and to replicate the
content of first web site to second, how to do it? How to replicate the
content. The thing is that i don't know how to form the content on this
second web page because this freehost doesn't have any step by step or fast
wizard options which i would like to use. Anyway and anyhow i would like to
replicate the content from first to second with little corrections(adds),
what to do to do this effective&fast&quality???

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The thing is
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Hmmmmm. After spending the past few minutes trying to work out what you
To get around the free hosting ads issue, you will need to find eather,
a free host with no ads,  or some kind of plastic card which has access
to $$$.
In other words, you will need to pay, hosting is quite inexpensive now
a days.
Regarding the content issue, you may need (I would suggest it anyway)
to learne HTML and CSS. It will help with your website creation.
If you don't want to learne, then contact me through my website and I
might see what I can do. I am on a break from Uni and am not doing much
at the moment.
Alternitively, I am sure one of the other nice people in this NG could
help you out.
Regards Chad.

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And lo, aerosmith didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Just vaccuum a little more often and they'll eventually go away.


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GreyWyvern wrote:
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That was not quite what the op ment. I think you'll find he ment that
other web.
Regards Chad.

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me too - you should see some of the stuff out there...
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