need help with CSS layout

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Hi, I've finally decided to ditch tables and I'm trying for my first CSS
layout, but i'm having some problems. surprise surprise.

The effect i'm trying to replictae is here: /

and this is what i've got so far

I dont know why the right hand image is being shown lower than the rest of
the images. I tried Clear: none but that didnt work.

Any ideas?


Paul Watt

Re: need help with CSS layout

Paul Watt wrote:
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In your .center css, take out the margin-left: 101px and replace it with
float:left.  This will give you the three columns you want.

You'll have a gap before the footer image; part of the problem is your left
image is 352px high while center and right are 349px.  Fix that will cure part
of the problem.

But the browser will still try to adjust the image to the line height.  You'll
also want to add line-height:0 to your .container css to fix this.

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Re: need help with CSS layout

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Thanks Jerry, thats perfect!

Re: need help with CSS layout



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It seems that your layout is "designed to be fixed width and fixed height
only or it breaks up when there is enough text (or fontsize is big enough).

If you plan on sticking that kind of layout, do yourself a favour and just
make background image only to be _one WHOLE big image_ and not being sliced
up from pieces and tried to position. Now you are trying create layout
thinking old table thinking way instead and complicating it unnessessarily.

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