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I am designing a site for a musician friend. He wants to be able to sell
individual songs as downloads much like ITunes or Napster does. He has a
Paypal account and would like to go thru them. He doesn't care to go thru
3rd party download sites. My dilema is that I am not certain how to
accomplish this task. I work with html and css, but beyond that I am lost. I
believe the task can be done with Perl, Python, and the CGI. I don't mind
doing the research, but uncertain as to what is the best way. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Re: Need Help Please

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Hire someone. :)

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Re: Need Help Please

On Sun, 11 Feb 2007 21:20:32 -0500, hopper put finger to keyboard and

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Creating a site which sells downloads is a task for an experienced
programmer. If your friend doesn't want to use a third-party site to
sell his material then he needs to hire someone with the necessary
skill. That isn't you, and won't be until you're familiar with at
least one major scripting language used on the web.

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Re: Need Help Please

You can try E-registration service:   Plimus corporation /
(registrations is free)

They can accepts payments, but products (songs) you can store in your site.
You can create byNow link from your site.

See example (omg, hard advertise ;-)

Plimus provide security, fraudcheck and other services.
"All On-line Orders are submitted securely for your protection" etc

There are too many reasons to use third-party site to sell.

WBR, Andrew

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