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Does anybody know how to create a website that would let people post
quizzes and get the result? What programming language is required?  Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

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Quizzes: do you mean surveys?

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On 20 Feb 2006 08:09:31 -0800, Chuckie put finger to keyboard and

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From a programming perspective, they're the same thing. It's just that
a quiz (usually) has a "right" set of answers, while a survey doesn't.

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Hello Azim,

I've thought about doing this, just for kicks. I'd use PHP, since I'm
familiar with the language, but any would work. Here's how I would go
about it:

1. Set up a number of functions or a nice class that would construct
inputs for a form based on certain constraints (length, type like text
or checkbox, etc).
2. Create a form-style interface that people can use to generate a list
of inputs with associated questions. You would need to then store their
settings in a DB and add some extra tables / columns to track visitors,
answers, etc.
3. You'd probably want people to log on to use the site, so you'd need
to build a user table and a log in script.

There's a lot of fun stuff you can add, like e-mailing the results, a
dynamic display of aggregate results, etc. I'd start by trying to build
some static quizes, then create scripts to generate the quiz forms
dynamically. Then start working in the rest of the functionality.

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Chris S. wrote:

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Perhaps nobody has pointed you to this page yet. /
Thanks for your consideration.

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useful searching over in

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