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1. (IE & FF) - Total width of design is 760px. Left & Right columns
should both be 200px. This leaves 360px for the center area. However,
if these widths are used, the right column gets pushed down.  As you
see it now, the center column and right column are both given smaller
widths in order to make the floats work.  The problem here is the
"border" on the left side of the right column is supposed to line up
with the brown box in the header.

2. (IE & FF) - the background images are supposed to go all the way
down to the footer (IOW, 100% height).  None of my 100% height stuff
is working.

3. (FF) - there's a 3px border underneath the #header. There appears
to be another 3px of space between the image and this border which
shouldn't be there.


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If you want to limit the width of the middle area (where the content
Then why not just set a wrapper div and set the width in that and then
set the other widths accordingly *IN EM units* or % if it's easier to
work out.
Make the menu take up about 20%, the content about 80% and the right
colum can take up the other 20% (oh and the header and footer can both
take up 100%).
Regards Chad.

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KarlCore wrote:

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Q:  Why do you want to restrain the page for those with larger monitors?
Not everyone, but some, do surf with maximized browsers. Looks kinda
silly on my 22" wide-screen, all stuffed up over there to the left.

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Internet Exploder's misbehavior with margins and padding causes
200+200+360 to exceed 760.

Before you continue struggling with the box sizing (use em instead of px
as Chaddy suggests), you should fix up the font sizing. <body> at 90%
plus <p> at "smaller" renders the content too small to read. Those who
know how will increase the size in their browsers, causing layout
failures, and those who don't will hit the back button.

I used the Web Developer tool to remove those two settings, and the page
became readable.

Assuming that some menu items will have at least twice as many letters
as:  <li><a href="">Menu Item</a></li>  you are going to have odd
wrapping in the menu.

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KarlCore wrote:
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In addition to what the others have said, if you look very closely,
you'll see that your left column is a little wider in IE than it is in
Firefox.  It may be because your background image is too wide (201 px).

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On 15 Jan 2008 KarlCore wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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You could just go fix your chevelle cam. :)

This helped me.


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