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A simple question for all you technical wizards out there. I am just
starting out with a new website, which I designed using a webdesign
wizard (not HTML, thats too clever for me) The problem I have is when
people navigate through my pages they cannot move back and forth with
the back and forward arrows on Internet Explorer. Back just throws them
out to their search engine. Any ideas.

If anybody wants to have a look at what I mean the site is

Re: Navigating around my website

Ooops can't even remember my own URL it is

Re: Navigating around my website

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Its ok. When I look at it, all I see is a blank blue screen. Nice shade of
blue though. Do I need to enable javascript to view your pages?

Re: Navigating around my website

I believe you need to install Macromedia Flash. (see reply from Els

Re: Navigating around my website

Once upon a time *Budgie* wrote:

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Who? Where is "below"?

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Re: Navigating around my website

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I am sure I have flash installed. I can see flash pages. The only thing I
have disabled at the moment is JS.

May be you should put a sign on the front saying what people have to do to
their systems to enable them to see your content. I am sure people will
appreciate that sort of thing.

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thing I
do to

'Sure would.
I'd be off to play Minesweeper!
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common denominator.
That means keeping things as simple as possible. That doesn't mean
drab and uninteresting.
But it does mean losing Macromedia.

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Re: Navigating around my website

Budgie said:

Quoted text here. Click to load it[9k]

cant quite place it but it seems to be lacking something.

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Re: Navigating around my website

Budgie wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
I just had a look at your site in both IE and FireFox.
As far as your navigation goes, I would get rid of all the JavaScript
and the flash. Or at least create a seperate site which contains the
same information as the Flash and JavaScript one.
Not only is a navigation system unaccessable if it users JavaScript and
Flash for people who use old screne readers, or for people who can't
use eather product they are bad for search engions as they can not read
the content that the Javascript is linked to as they can't follow the
I would just use a bit of strate good old html with maybe a bit of CSS
to get the affect that you want for the nav bar.
Your site worked fine in my version of IE where I am running Java and
the latest version of flash, but in FF I do not have flash so it just
brings me up a white screne telling me that I need to install flash. So
I just left your site.
Regards Chad.

Re: Navigating around my website

Budgie wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

When code is opened in Quanta plus:

An error occurred while loading file:///1/resources/installflash.html:
The file or folder /1/resources/installflash.html does not exist.


Re: Navigating around my website wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It's all done in Flash. You're lucky those people even see anything at
all. People who have Flash disabled, or just not installed, will see

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Re: Navigating around my website


You will find a lot of smart arse diddys reply to your questions
offering little other than sarcasm and unconstructive criticism .
Some will reply offering constructive criticism but in such a
manner as to make it unpalletable .

I cant offer any real info about your website other than to say
"I hope you didnt pay money for that " and your photographer
needs shot , although the burd in the pictures is sweet ! Your
prices seem great value and i hope you sell a few .

Further and the real point of adding my top posting bandwidth eating
outlook pexpress posting commnet is to say .....

dispaly your real email address ...robots scan the newgroups for email
addressess  for to spam , you end up on for sale lists and your email
will get sooooo hammered with spam as to make it unsuseable very quickly

Best of luck in your endevours

P/S from my own visitor stats about 8% dont have javascript or
flash enabled so its not the end of the world !

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Re: Navigating around my website

On 13 Nov 2005 wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, the legitimate HTML hyperlinks on your site work with Lynx
but, since the labels are invisible GIFs, with graphical browsers
there is nothing to click on.  Perhaps you could replace the images
with appropriate text labels and let people use those (dump the images
and use the current alt text as the labels).

Your site is the second one I have found that's more accessible with Lynx
than with a graphical browser with JavaScript turned off.  (The other site
used unscrollable frames and the most important links in the navigation
bar in the top frame were off screen and couldn't be reached.)  A bunch of
text that was invisible to graphical browsers was clearly visible to
Lynx.  I could still find no way to contact you by email (other than
copying the rendered text displayed on one page to a file and then paste
it into the "To:" header of a message).  The one email link you have
has an invalid URL in it.

A page with some screenshots of your site as it appears with Lynx and some
comments about them (especially about a couple of errors):
I can keep it there for a week.

Norman "still wondering why the two ''s are on that site" De Forest
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Re: Navigating around my website

I really appreciate your comments, but not being a techno wizard like
you guys I am not sure I understand all you are telling me. As for
Javascript and flash, I assume you mean the text effects on the home
page. I have now removed them. Is this any better.

If you have the time please have another look.

I looked at your screenshots, and as I didn't create the website using
HTML myself then it don't make much sense.

All I can say to you I have had a mate check all the pages like message
board, order form and E mail and they all work so I am puzzled to know
why you had so many problems.

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