Narrowing down a search facility?

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I'm working on a search facility where people can
Search by Category
Search by County
Search by Category and County

The problem I have is that I have far to many categories
that are not in all the counties, which leads to negative results
much too often.

example here
(the bottom search)

Is there a simply way of having it so that if
someone selects a category only the counties which
have that category are displayed in the next box
before they search?

Working in ASP with Access database.


Re: Narrowing down a search facility?

On Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:04:28 -0000, T.J. put finger to keyboard and

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That's tailor-made for an AJAX solution, and it's the sort of
situation where client-side scripting is perfectly acceptable so long
as it's merely a helper rather than being key to the functionality.

To go into a bit more deatil on that, what you need is a Javascript
function which responds to an onChange on the first form element
(category) and passes the category value to a page fragment (generated
in ASP) which looks up the valid counties for that category and then
displays it to the screen by means of a document.write.

I don't have any code snippets that will do this, but Google should
provide plenty of off-the-shelf scripts.

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