Namecheap Experience - Negative

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I used to have most of my domains registered with NameCheap.  In
conclusion, I am in the process to move all of my domains elsewhere.

Their prices are competitive and their website to get you in the door
is alright.  But lately their support and service has been so bad that
I am angered.  I needed to transfer  a domain to another register by
request from a customer.  To keep this story short, I needed the EPP
from NameCheap.   You submit the request and wait.  I got no message
or email, and after taking to the online reps many times, finally they
seemed to process it after 48 hours.

Ok, so off to the new registrar with my unlocked domain and EPP.  It's
been 1.5 days and nothing.  No email or message from NameCheap.  The
new registrar status says it's waiting for approval from the current
registrar.  I've been on NameCheap's online support a few times and I
always get the answer to just wait.  I've been told to wait 3-8 days,
2 days, you name it.

But now is where I've had enough.   Everytime I go onto the Online
Support with my name the rep closes the conversation.  Using a
different name it magically works.   Then go back to my name and they
are intentionally ignoring me.   I have not been rude to them, but
NameCheap turned into complete assholes if you ever have to transfer a
domain away from them.

So over the next few years I'll be switching all my domains to another
registrar because having online support that doesn't ignore customers
is the place I want to give my money.

Keep this is mind when you're shipping around.

Re: Namecheap Experience - Negative,

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We will. Thanks for letting us know. There is no justification for
making outgoing transfers a difficult or lengthy process. Any registrar
who does that doesn't deserve anyone's business.


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