My stalker.

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I left usenet after getting sick of it. I didn't plan to post again, and
I won't post again after this.  As usual, some wacko starts something
and I feel compelled to post, so I get pulled back in.  Please let this
post serve as a notice for any future occurences as well.

I've received some emails from some people on usenet warning me about a
known troll by the name of "Nathan Keely" or "sln" (on the Perl groups,
often arguing with himself) causing issues on usenet and
alt.www.webmaster, and feverishly "defending" my honor.  He assumes
different names and trolls different groups acting normal for a little
while and then starts stepping up the abuse.  I don't know his real
name or if that is it.

His plan is to make me look bad by doing this, by which I mean
"defending" me without my approval, taking past posts and using them to
modify and create new posts that say the same things and then he adds
to them, stirring up problems, and slowly adding suspicion over time.
This is why it starts out normal, then gets pretty aggressive and

His plan is to argue with people and have them think he's me pretending
to be someone else defending me.  He even planted my old company in the
headers of his posts.  The guy doesn't realize I have moved on since (I
sold my shares to my partners, because I'm doing other things.  I still
host my sites there, but that's the extent of it (I am touring on and
off and working on a music project). If you don't believe me, look at
the last modified date of the company info page and see my name was
removed, and the last modification date of the whois for the domain
where my name was removed.

Believe it or not, I didn't "plan" some big elaborate drama here as a
"sock puppet" only so I could get caught and later post about how it's
not really me by the actions I've taken to be removed from said company
(I can't modify the whois mod date).  I realize that just proves I am
not with the company any longer (my choice, we're all still friends and
get along great, it wasn't because of any problems), and it doesn't
prove I'm not this maniac "Nathan".

I left usenet because of people like him, and I just can't seem to get a
break.  On top of this, I know he uses KDE from the Linux groups, and
Knode (this is the default news reader). He's on charter cable as well,
and it's one of the major ISPs that uses the highwinds news server.
Tens of millions of people use it.  It's not so remarkable, as someone
put it, and it makes it pretty easy.  While he's in Arizona (I had
found out) and I'm in California, the news service doesn't post the IP
of the poster, and it's pretty damning then for people to see.  It's a
pretty clever trick, especially when the guy knows I'm not on usenet
anymore to catch this or explain what happened.

I didn't plan on going back to usenet to even defend myself, but I
wanted someone else to know, and apparently they weren't so sure, so it
seems clear that I should at least attempt to clear my name. I could
easily get pissed off about it, but that would just end up dragging me
back in, so I'm just here to let people know.  I hope that, regardless
of what people believe, if this guy spams, is abusive, makes threats,
etc., that you report them to their ISP ( with full
headers and message body.  At least then, if he targets me again, it'll
not be so "suspicious".

I realize a lot of people get petty and desperate, because they are so
concerned about losing arguments on usenet, that they will resort to
sock puppetry to win some argument that way.  Well, here's the problem
with that theory with me.  First, I realize it wouldn't help ME look
any better if that was what I thought or the reason for doing it.
Secondly, it would make me look worse for doing it, even if people
didn't "know it was me".  Look at how this clown is "defending" me, by
pissing everyone off in the group.  Isn't that a pretty good sign this
guy isn't posting with the best of intentions for MY sake?  Notice how
a person that is asking if I'm doing okay is basically attacked by this
guy originally?  Notice how people that I get along with are being
dragged into and attacked by this guy?  How in the world would that
benefit me?  All this person is doing, is accomplishing exactly what he
set out to do.

As I said, I find nothing remarkable about the situation.  I wish the
news server posted the IP of him, or some other identifying
information, but in the end, it really doesn't matter.  A lot of people
accusing me of posting as that person or assuming, it you search their
name, they've been accused of the same thing.  I don't see how obvious
signs of abuse by this guy and a nation wide ISP are some conclusive
evidence to prove anything.  I've been on usenet for a very long time,
and I've never felt the need to pretend to be someone else, and you can
search for my name over more than a decade and see I've always posted
as my name, regardless of how many bad arguments there were, and I was
never afraid to post as me and tell people how it is.  Even when I
looked bad, even when someone "else" agreeing with me would have
helped, everyone knows I'm way too stubborn to consider that and I'd
rather endlessly argue about a topic than take some other easy way out
of it.  Has my past history here, especially before I left, not gone a
long way in itself to prove that?

The only remarkable thing would be if this suddenly changed.  If I was
stupid or desperate enough to pretend to be someone else, I think it
would be a pretty patently obvious thing to remove the custom header,
which is right next to where you input your posting name.  I usually
wouldn't care, and I only was told about this by some people that
emailed me.  I ignored it, still, because what did I care if someone
was messing with people I don't care for?  Then, recently, the person
was messing with people I get along with.  Some of those people
apparently figure, that for no particular reason, I'd post as someone
else to mess with them?  I guess it's just that easy, so maybe this
Nathan Keely character isn't so clever after all.

I called Charter's abuse department earlier and it's too trivial of a
matter for them to deal with, apparently, and they have no clue about
usenet in general (the tech had to look it up), so I can't do anything
to stop this.  As I said, his mission is accomplished, so it probably
just re-enforces the whole assumption about who really was who, since
he'll probably not post again (not as that name), though I'm certain
he'll be in other groups doing the same thing to other people.  Let's
face it, there's no way I can prove he's not me, so it's the perfect
troll crime, and the damage is already done.  So, take it for what you
will, but I thought it was fair I post about this issue.  I'm not going
to let it, him or what people think bother me and get dragged back into
usenet and deal with things that make my day less enjoyable. I'm
posting from, hoping this will go through, and and least
you have to have a login to post via this service, and hopefully it
will have differentiating information in the headers, or the IP.  Not
that it matters now anyway.  Oh well.  Thanks for listening, I'll go
crawl back into my cave now.

Re: My stalker.

Tim Greer wrote:


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   No need for that Tim. If it wasn't you then fine. I don't want to
judge you based on one episode. I'm sure there will be more topics to
discuss both good and bad, they just don't need to go in the direction
the last one did.

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Re: My stalker.

Tim Greer wrote:
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Thanks for clearing things up, Tim.  Although we've had our differences
in the past, I REALLY was hoping it was not you.  It did, however, have
many signs based on what we knew.

I do wish you all the best in your new endeavor; may it bring you lots
of joy while making your life easier.

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Jerry Stuckle
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Re: My stalker.

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Ok. See ya next week.

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