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Re: my site wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Sorry; totally unusable.

My heart sinks as I see a black background.

My pulse slows as I see how much cookie-setting is going on.

My eyebrow raises as I realize that the name of your site, or at least
the most important thing about it, is "PLEASE REGISTER OR COME OFF"
which seems less like a greeting than a rudely shouted command. And no
telling what that title has to do with howardnbagamecenter, which, you
mustly surely already know, is an unwieldy string of letters.

An item loads threatening a video as I see the Windows Media logo. It's
in a frame which is just a smidge too small, so there are scroll bars,
both hor and vert. The video does not start automatically, nor can I
start it when I "Click Play" as directed.

Below the dead video thingy is something labeled "Gabbly Chat," one of
the things which was so keen to load a multitude of cookies on my
system. It shows "Loading..." but that's about it.

To the right of the dead video is another frame with scrollbars and a
huuuge empty beige space to the right of which is another frame (also
inside the same frame) which appears to contain video channels. The
labels at the top are clipped.

Even _farther_ to the right of the previous, uh, thing is a sidebar
labeled "Page Toolbox". As it happens, I have no interest to "Join this
community," the identity, purpose, and usefulness (to say nothing of the
reliability) of which are all unclear.

The total width of your content seems to be about 2064px, including the
huge, empty, dead elements. My viewport, even maximized, is much smaller.

All of the above in FF, different but no better in IE6.

Transitional + loose instead of strict. /*<![CDATA[*/ @import instead of
  just linking to the CSS. DIVitis. <br/>.  Failed validation, 189
errors in the HTML.

Unusable. And BTW, for critiques post to alt.html.critique. That *is*
what you wanted, isn't it?


Re: my site

John Hosking wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I didn't hang with the download for more than a minute (too long!),
but I saw over a half-dozen other sites trying to set cookies.

<snip long list of problems>

Blinky                                                   RLU 297263
Killing all posts from Google Groups
The Usenet Improvement Project:

Re: my site

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Now why would this site cause Firefox to try and act as a server, and be
thus blocked by my firewall.

A site to stay right away from methinks.


Re: my site

Quoted text here. Click to load it

the site is only for internet explorer
you still can watch all the nba games mlb and much more

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