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I'm a teen web designer & I'm in the process of creating a social
networking website (Like myspace or friendster) and I was wondering if
anyone could check it out and give me any suggestions or tips on how
to make it better

We currently have about 140 members so hopefully we can get more but
you get features like
-Your own page
-250 photo
-Upload your own songs
-Custom styles

So if anyone feels like checking it out and giving me tips or things
I'd appreciate it =]

Re: My New Site

On Tue, 6 Mar 2007 17:51:45 +0000, Casey Smith wrote

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You have a problem with your FAQ page:


Sally in Shropshire, UK
bed and breakfast near Ludlow:
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Re: My New Site

Sally Thompson wrote:

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That's not his only problem:

Kim André Akerĝ
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Re: My New Site

Casey Smith wrote:
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Oh &Diety;

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It doesn't say this anywhere on your site. How would anyone *there* know
these things? Or are you hoping that *we* will sign up because you
posted the info *here*?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The simplicity is fine for me (but then, I don't *do* SN sites). However
some folks might like to see some graphics, like photos of some of your
members (or photos of people you wish were your members...).

Your FAQ page consists of three PHP errors.

Your Register page seems to require members come from the 50 U.S. states
or District of Columbia. Americans in Puerto Rico or Guam (or England)
aren't admitted, nor are folks from Canada or other countries.

The Contact page appears to really be a "Verify Your Account" page. Is
there then no way to contact you without being a member? I guess your
FAQs will only come from members then, since prospective members can't
ask for clarification.

What are the terms of use? Where's the privacy policy I'll need to have
before I tell you all about my name, address, and sexual preference?

What's the motivating force causing people to sign up with you? Just an
attitude? "Not sure if Pulse is right for you? You're a jerk." is very
cute (I really quite like it), but might not be quiiiite enough
explanation of the site.

BTW, I rather think a post like yours belongs on alt.html.critique
rather than a.w.w, but maybe others here don't mind.

Good luck!

Re: My New Site

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Well, your site doesn't tell you what it does. The are a few bugs etc but
you look at the home page and just wonder what it is all about


David -

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