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Excuse me for posting this question in here.  I know it's
not exactly a web question.  However, I have tried posting this question in
24hoursupport.helpdesk , and I received a very vague response.  And, when I
reposted to ask someone to help me understand, they told me I already
received a response.  DUH.

I have posted in here before, and you guys seem cool to me.  Maybe you can
help me out.  I hope.

Thanks!  Below is my question.


Yesterday, I asked this question below:

My Network Places ... Question

Recently,  I was browsing my files on my computer, when I saw on the left
pane of my files towards the bottom ... I saw My Network Places.  I clicked
on it, because I was simply curious what was there - if anything.  After
clicking on it, I saw a bunch of folders.

All these folders had strange headings.  I thought if I were
to list a few of these headings, if you could give me some insight as to
what they are - and perhaps how they got on my computer.

Folder 1)  Apps on Master File Server (sol)
Folder 2)  Australia on QA-6
Folder 3)  C-Development on Raymond's build machine (Pe-6)
Folder 4) Canada on Qa-6
Folder 5) Development on Raymond's build machine (Pe-6)
Folder 6) mpx on E-Salazar

I received 1 solo response. And they said ------>

"Those are other systems you are or have been connected to thru the

I have not a clue what was meant by that statement.

Can someone please clarify this for me?

Thanks in Advance!!!


Re: My Network Places

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Those are open access to and from other machines.

Are you the only one that uses that machine?
Is it your machine or one one a college network maybe?

If its just your computer, then I would be suspicious that you have been
"owned". Someone has gained access to your machine thru the net and is
using it like its theirs.

Gandalf  Parker

Re: My Network Places

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You don't know these machines?

Oh dear.  Backup all your data immediately.

Have you had your workstation since the last o/s install?
Do you share your workstation with others?
Are there other computers on your LAN?

Can you describe (in black box terms) every piece of kit between your  
keyboard and the internet?

Do you switch off your workstation when you're not using it?
Do you have a web-cam (I'm serious)?

Now then, what happens when you click on one of the 'network places'?

William Tasso

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Re: My Network Places

Boy Meets Web wrote:

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You were told there that those mystery folders were evidence of
connections to other computers, either via the Internet or a LAN.

The chastisement was for reposting a duplicate question as a new
thread, when you didn't understand an answer, instead of asking for
clarificaton from the person who'd provided it (or just waiting for
someone else to answer).

Blinky                                     Linux Registered User 297263

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Re: My Network Places

Boy Meets Web wrote

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They probably died of old age before reaching your question.

Charles Sweeney

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