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cool... you have my name, my mail and my photo ...I have a future as a'n it?

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Who on Earth are you talking to here?

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This is not a new idea. It is an idea already done to death, and one which
to the best of my knowledge may have made one person well off, everyone else
jumping on the bandwagon has sadly missed out.

The site colour scheme is a difficult one. There is very little contrast
between text and backgrounds.

It has nothing to do with SEO.


Come up with an original idea.

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Thanks T. Wake for your comments.
I'll try to fix the colour scheme in a more readable way.
I know the idea is not so original, but my idea is focused to the
favicon as brand and in this way I think that is the first time as ad



Re: My biz site wrote:

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Well, as has been staited already. This Pixxle adverts thing has been
done to death already.
I think you would be better off comeing up with another idea for a
Then, if you wanted too make some money off the site,  you could just
use a pay per click program, or just get your own sponsored links.
That way, you would have a regular  income.
Oh and regarding the site, there's not much content really. If you
really want people to visit your site then you need to give them a
reason too come back.
I don't like the colour scheme eather.
I think gray can work ok on the web if used in a proper manner.
For example, I think you would need to have the text in like a white
box too make it easyer to read.
I always think it's hard to come up with idea's for new websites and
content etc etc.
But I don't think that the PX advertising will work, well it most
certenly will not help with Seo if that is what you want too do.

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Regards Chad.

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