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Hey all,

I just started a new blog that will chronicle my journey into the
world of affiliate marketing !
it's funny, I started this journey like 2 months ago and i've lost so
much $$$  :(

But I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. I've had 3 successful
sites so far!

here's a post I made with the tips that I used that finally got me to
ear some money, Please let me know what you think:

So I figured I would write about "Landing Pages". A subject that not a
lot of people write about, or even spend time working on for that

What is a "Landing Page" you ask? Ah! let me give you a quick

In the marketing world, a landing page is the first page that a
visitor sees when they click on an advertisement or search enging
result. It's also known as a "lead capture page" where you can have it
set to capture visitor's contact information.

Why are landing pages so important? better yet, why am I up past 1:00
am writing about them?

So when I first started getting involved in Afilliate Marketing I
thought it was all about finding the right keywords, getting the
lowest price per click while getting a good page spot. Yea, that's all
important but it's not what you should only focus on. The reason being
is that you want to get a good "Quality Score" with Yahoo and Google
and the rest of the top engines. For example if you have a poorly
made, non optimized landing page, your Google bounce rate will be
high. Meaning that when a visitor clicks on a sales link and they are
redirected to your landing page they will probably take a look at it
and close it for leave the page within 10 seconds. This is what Google
means by bounce rate. Let me give you a quick outline as to what you
might want to do for your landing page:

    * Catchy domain:

This is one is a given. You shouldn't pull your hair out thinking of a
good domain. In fact, don't spend more than half a day on it. As long
as you are not way off. For example, if you are selling sunglasses
don't get a domain like Looks tacky. Instead try
something like There's a better possibility
of it being available and having good ranking if you use a positive
enforcing word in your domain.

    * White pages:

I don't know if you've heard the myth that white colored pages convert
better, I don't even know if it's true or not. All I know is that it
does work. Try to stay away from dark color pages. It looks too morbid
and does not help your eyes while reading through it. Leave those
colors for the artsy type.

    * SEO tweaks

A lot of people overlook this when creating their site. Why? don't
kow. Maybe they're just too lazy to set them up. What you want to do
is first setup good content on your site that reflects what you are
selling. Taking the example above, try to add a few paragraphs using
different brands of sunglasses in your writing. If your're selling
RayBan glasses, use the word "Rayban" through out your page. This will
help your google rank. Don't forget to add your keywords to your
site's metadata. Google loves this. Speaking of what google loves, it
sure loves sitemaps. There's been some talk about how last year google
changed their crawling algorithm that affected negatively sites that
were not already using google's SEO tricks. One of the major one was
the sitemap.xml file. There are hundreds of sites that offer a free
sitemap.xml creator. This is a must! One other thing I must stress to
you is to setup Google Analytics on your page. You want to track all
your moves/clicks/traffic on your site. Which brings me to my other

    * Track all activity

Like I stated above, setup Google Analytics to help you trace and
target your demographics. You want to know who is clicking what and
from where. Say your site is setup and doing well. You are selling
about $600 a day on sunglasses. Cool! now why aren't you doing $1000
or $2000 a day? well if you are tracking all your clicks and traffic,
you can easily see what ads are getting you that money. That way you
can filter out those ads that don't work as well and focus on the ones
that do. If you see that most of your traffic comes from overseas,
then you may want to customized your ads to be "overseas vistor
friendly". This will exponentially increase conversions. Trust me...this
is probably the most important advice you can get.

    * Design

Lets not worry to much about this; but never the less it is also
important. You don't want your business to be represented in a website
that looks like crap. Go through several free templates out there.
There are thousands of them that are impressive. Of course they
require minimal HTML/PHP knowledge. If that's not your thing, then
invest $50-$80 on a design. It will be worth it.

I hope you take heed of what I just posted. This will eventually pay
off at the end. This is what I did to improve my site's conversion.

I think that's it. Or that's all that I know and do on may pages.
Anyways, remember: Focus on your products and displaying them, SEO the
hell out of your page and always track! track! track!

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