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Is there any command in html  or javascript that prevents the page form
scrolling? I know that there is such a command for html frame pages,
what about regular pages?

Re: Mute scrolling for html pages

You could try CSS, something like
<style type="text/css">
    overflow: hidden;
    width: 95%;
    height: 95%;
You just need to give width / height to the body so that it knows where
to clip

Re: Mute scrolling for html pages

Thanks, a new route that I am going to explore.

Re: Mute scrolling for html pages

On 18 Dec 2005, wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

|> Is there any command|
|> in html  or         |
|> javascript that     |
|> prevents the page   |
|> form scrolling? I   |

|> know that there is  |
|> such a command for  |
|> html frame pages,   |
|> what about regular  |
|> pages?              |

|                      |
|If I were viewing your|
|site with a PDA or    |
|something like that   |
|with a very small     |

|display size, (like   |
|this simulation) why  |
|would you want to     |
|prevent me from seeing|
|all of your page?     |

and would you prefer the hypothetical PDA to display your post like this
(with no option to scroll to the right)?

|> Is there any command|
|> scrolling? I know th|
|> what about regular p|
|                      |
|                      |

Unscrollable frames can also make content inaccessible.  I have seen
one site where the most important links on the navigation frame were
past the right-hand edge of the screen and were inaccessible for anyone
with less than a 1200px screen width.  (My monitor at that time could only
handle 640x480 resolution.)  The framed page could be viewed separately
with Firefox and then scrolled but then the navigation links (which relied
on JavaScript variables in the parent page) didn't work.

Newer versions of Lynx can be used to view sites that use frames by
providing hyperlinks to each frame separately.  Any attribute related
to scrolling is completely ignored.  And Lynx doesn't do JavaScript.

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