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I own a website with server from 1 and 1. I have been uploading an MP3
players worth of music to it so I can listen to it bassicly anywhere.
Right now the only way i know how to access these files so I could look
through them is FTP. I was wondering if there is an easier way to do
this and if there is a way to organize my media files by artist and
stuff like they do in standard file explorers.

Thanks in advance

Re: Music storage

you could create a script that finds them and makes links that you can
click on.

watch that your hosting company may cooperate with teh RIAA

Re: Music storage

On 26 Nov 2006 16:48:17 -0800, jonny2112 put finger to keyboard and

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There are plenty of scripts which will act as a front end to an mp3
collection. Google for [mp3 jukebox script] as a starter.

If the files are commercial music, though (eg, ripped from your CD
collection) then it's absolutely essential that you put htaccess
password protection on all the directories which contain them, as well
as the script itself. Otherwise, you'll be leeched to death as soon as
anyone finds them, and your hosting company will probably close your

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