Moving my blog - worth the effort?

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Currently, my website includes a blog, using but using my
own space at my web host.  As some of you know, I'm having some issues
with it.

I'm considering the advantages and disadvantages of using a free blogger
service, and going to managing my own, perhaps with WordPress or similar

A quick wander through installation instructions talks about needing to
set up a database, mentions MySQL and phpMyAdmin... My web host includes
WordPress in the list of free apps it makes available.

I'm almost completely ignorant about databases.  I can build something
that works in MSAccess, but that's about it, and I once did something
with some SQL version so long ago that this is all I remember:  I once
did something with some version of SQL, round about 1989 or so.

I'm also ignorant about php as well, though I have a book on it.

Given that, how hard would it be for me to create and maintain a
WordPress blog?  How hard would it be for me to move my current data into WordPress - can it be done?

Any help, advice, answers, or links to these are appreciated.

Oh, and I hope you all enjoyed your New Year's Eve and weren't/aren't
too hung over today!


Re: Moving my blog - worth the effort?

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If you want WP, it's pretty easy steps depending on your environment.
What's your control?
Your mention of freebie app, mysql and phpadmin suggests cpanel/fantastico.
If that's so, you don't have to worry too much about knowledge of setup and
database maintenance.

Let me know what you got and i can do a walkthrough with you.
The install's easy, the dump of your blogger data's a small tricky part, but
no big thing.

Re: Moving my blog - worth the effort?

On 01 Jan 2006 SmakDaddy wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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Nothing to walkthrough with WordPress 2. :)


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