most likey a simplistic question

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I will say first I don't have much experience in this area. I was
wondering if it's possible to get a domain name and host it somewhere,
adding keywords and tags but then have the domain name actually
forward...or point (sorry if wrong terminology) to another URL?

I have a site that is already done for me and hosted, but I have no
access to the keywords or tags so I thought maybe I could get my own
domain name and keyword it so I may be able to get better standings in
a search engine.

Don't know if that's possible at all. I surf the net...not make it,

Thank you for any information at all

Re: most likey a simplistic question


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Keywords and tags are markup, hence they belong to the actual pages, not
to any domain. Of course you can get as many domains as you want and
point or redirect them to another server, but to change the keywords or
the markup you would have to edit the pages themselves.

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Keywords are pretty useless these days. They have been abused too often
by spammers, so search engines don't care that much about them. What
counts is usable and properly marked-up content. Additionally a good SE
ranking takes time (weeks to months!). It doesn't come over night and
can't be accomplished just by adding some keywords here and there.

BTW: Who did this site for you? What about asking them to change
something? Why don't you have access to the pages if it's your site?


Re: most likey a simplistic question

Thanks  Micha,

I was afraid that would be the answer, lol. I really appreciate the
time you took to respond!

Re: most likey a simplistic question

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I guess you mean the meta element? I wonder if it really is useless if the
keywords listed match the important words/phrases in the content itself,
as decided by the analysis of the search engine.

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Depends on where you add those keywords. If in the title, h1 element, etc.
you might get what you want if you don't overdo it.

John Bokma                            

Re: most likey a simplistic question wrote:
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Yes, that is possible.

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I don't know what you mean by that, but this sounds like what is called
black hat SEO. If the search engines figure out that this is what you
are doing, your site will be penalized.

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Yes. Google for 301 redirect.

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This doesn't make sense. I don't understand how you can have a site, but
not have access to the source. If somebody has done a site for you, but
you don't have access to the source, then something is terribly wrong.
That is the problem that you should be solving.

Also "keywords" really doesn't mean anything by itself. It isn't like
you build a site and somehow attach keywords to it. You simply write
good content. Well written content will naturally include the right

Tags are simply the markup that tell the browser how the page is
arranged. You may be thinking of meta tags. A keywords meta tag isn't
nearly as important as it used to be.

Write good content and let the keywords take care of themselves. If you
do that, you won't need a second domain. A second domain won't solve
your problem anyway. If you 301 redirect, the search engines will ignore
the content of the new domain and treat it as though it is really your
existing domain. You have nothing to gain.

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Nope. In fact, if you resort to this kind of trickery, you may actually
get a lower standing.

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