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Texas Attorney General is going after them now, seeking "civil
penalties" of $100,000 per violation.

I'm waiting to hear who's taking an early retirement...

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Some lawyers probably :-D

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:) - I'm sure.

Has anyone been watching Sony stock - I'm curious if this is having any
effect. Since it's now being covered on Reuters, it's beginning to make
its way into mainstream news. I can't imagine the stockholders are
happy with the situation.

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I don't think most of them are aware of it, despite the small article
in the Wall Street Journal.  Sony's music CD sales are still good.
Never underestimate the ignorance and apathy of the general public.

I put up a summary of the Sony XCP DRM rootkit foolishness at
and am hoping for so much traffic that I can sell ads, get rich, and
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Just one tiny point.....How about "useless web counters" ???



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I like them.  When I don't see one my conclusion is either:
A.  This site gets so many visitors that they don't need reassurance
as to how popular they are.
B.  This site gets so pathetically few visitors that they don't want
people to know how few.

Personally, I still need the reassurance.  When I start getting
thousands of visitors per day then I may hide the counter.

Have seen very useful websites where the total number of visitors is
less than ten thousand, despite the site being up for months.  Those
are a good opportunity for anyone genuinely selling search engine
optimization services.  Here is one example: /

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is your choice of course.

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That's what your logs are for - usual caveats apply.

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