more css tweaking...

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ok..  I'm trying to learn how to tweak some of my css code..

I've set up a couple of test pages here...

1. the main tweak I am trying to figure out is the inline list at the
bottom of this page..

I want it to float in the middle of the page..  instead of being at the
left margin..

.. this is from the CSS specs and I think it should apply to my list?

 >When the total width of the inline boxes on a line is less than the
 >width of the line box containing them, their horizontal distribution
 >within the line box is determined by the 'text-align' property. If
that >property has the value 'justify', the user agent may stretch the
inline >boxes as well.

however, I'm not sure whether the text-align property should be adjusted
for #navcontainer2, ul#navlist2, or ul#navlist2 li

I think I've tried adding it and commenting it out every combination and
I can't seem to make it work..  I need to understand how to figure it
out tho..  I've read the stuff about the box model about 5 times, but
I'm still only getting some of it..  the rest hasn't quite clicked yet..
   its very technical language, even for me..

as I understand, the #navcontainer2 creates a big box and is the root of
my tree, the ul#navlit2 creates a box for the list inside the
#navcontainer, and each li creates a box inside the list for a list
item..  my reasoning tells me then that the #navcontainer2 is as wide as
the whole page, and its the ul#navlit2 that should be centered ..
however, I can't make it work..  so I'd appreciate a pointer in the
right direction..

2.  looking for some suggestions on colours here:

the test list in quesiton 1 is now using the colours from the war
resisters part of the site and I can live with the grays with the soft

I'm doing the folk club part of the site in soft blue-greens and am not
really sure what kind of complementary colours to use...

and I can't figure out how to change the margin colours to give the same
  "this block is pushed down" kind of effect..  it seems that when the
button is not "pushed" the top and left margins are dark and the right
and bottom margins are light..    reversing when the button is active...
however, the colours I choose are either so much like the others that
they disappear, or they don't work to create the effect ..

I also don't understand why the person who designed this list format
chooses to give the first item in the list a different colour.. can
anyone suggest why they might do this..

any suggestions would be of interest...

Helen Martin

Re: more css tweaking...

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