Mild OT: Forte Agent 4.0 released

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For those interested, Forte released Agent 4.0 a couple of weeks ago. Some
excellent new features.

New junk filtering: Built-in Bayesian filter. Self-taught routing engine
-- receive spam...drag it to the Junk folder. It will be remembered, as
will its text for Bayesian scoring. After one week, I've shut off
SpamAssassin at the server and SpamPal locally. I'm seeing about 99%
correct routing to the Junk folder. Only one instance of a false positive.
HTML rendering: HTML email and attachment are now (optionally) visible in
the message pain. As are images.

There's a bunch more, and there's also a lot still missing. But, it was
well worth $19 (upgrade) to use this version while helping to finance
Version 5. :-)
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

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