Microsoft, IE and the Web Standards Project

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Just found this in my Vitamin rss feed, and per therapist's instructions
thought I'd "share":

Interesting comments after the article.

(Tyson) A lot of us web developers are (rightfully) skeptical of most
anything that comes out of Microsoft. While I, personally, have some big
issues with how Microsoft conducts itself as a company, I'm heartened to
see the IE 7 team fighting the good fight and moving in the right
direction. However, realize that IE 5 and 6 burned a *lot* of bridges to
the web development community that's going to take a whole lot more than a
bug-fix release to mend.

(cwilson) Tyson: I'm not looking for a glowing reception, nor do I really
need adoration.  Your comment about IE5 and IE6 burning a lot of bridges
frustrates me, however.  Was IE5 not the most standards-compliant in its
day?  Was not IE6, for that matter?  (Actually, Mac IE 5 was probably the
winner there.)  We were certainly way ahead of Netscape Navigator.

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Re: Microsoft, IE and the Web Standards Project

freemont wrote:
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Very lame arguments. Yes they "were" ahead. But that was 5 years ago.
They are now far behind and cripling standards-based design in the same
way Netscape used to. There's no excuse. On top of that IE7 only
address SOME of the issues of IE6. Yes it introduces use of more
standards, but as usual its Microsofts take on those standards. We're
still going to have a lot of CSS headaches with the split of users
between a far more prooven, reliable standards based browser such as
FireFox and IE7.

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