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So, I have a series of sites with message boards, totaling around
5,000 posts a day. In addition, there are classifieds on each of the
sites, totaling around 1,500 ads a day. I expect this to grow to about
10x over the course of the year.

Everything is hand-rolled.

For moderating, I currently have everything emailed to a unique
moderator; meaning, one person moderates one website's classifieds,
someone else moderates that sites message boards, etc.

The obvious problem, aside from the increased server load, is when
there are TWO moderators. If I email everything to both mods, then one
will not know when the other has already removed or repaired a

So, can you guys either suggest a system that might make this easier
(eg, hourly schedules so that one mod handles anything from 2-4, while
the next handles 4-6; or, using a single Webmail account that each mod
shares, so that when it's marked as Read then the next mod knows it's
OK), or suggest an existing application that you think handles this
well that I might emulate?

Re: Message board moderating, program advice

On Sat, 12 Feb 2011 18:33:11 -0800 (PST), jwcarlton wrote in

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Damn. That's a workload for a mod ;)
How about using a helpdesk ticketing system for the board(s) and run it
like tickets assigned to: / completed by: /

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