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Hi guys,

I'm all finished creating my menu bar, and I went into my
web server to create "database" of sorts,  I am totally lost.

If anyone can give me some direction, I would really appreciate the help.
Here is my menu:
I was hoping to create an index.html, then create a server side include
where this menu can be added to the top of each page.
(I hope my menu.html is okay to work with)

- H

Re: menu bar help

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Well, there's a few things:

1. The text for the mouseover links is hard to read, not enough

2. When you use an include, you do not include the HTML, HEAD
or BODY elements, just the markup that is needed.  You might have
something like only: <div id="menu">
<li><a href="index.html">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="foo.html">Foo</a></li>

3. You are using very old, deprecated markup.  Tables are should be used
for tabular data, not for positioning elements.  Spacer gifs should be
replaced with appropriate CSS margins and padding.

4. Client side JavaScript is better to use an external script rather than
placing all the script in the HEAD, not to mention that the HEAD element
should not be in an include such as this.

5. The JavaScript you are using for mouseovers could easily be replaced
with CSS and have a much smaller document, less for the client to

6. There are 68 markup errors.  

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Re: menu bar help

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Wow!, thanks for the input.
Do you think this menu is a "wad it up and toss in the trash can" event?
I created the entire menu in photoshop, sliced it up and exported to html.
not to change the original question of the post, but is there a better
method for creating the same graphics on the menu?

- H

Re: menu bar help

Heleena wrote:

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Keep the same graphics you have, but toss the code and write your own,
modern, compact HTML  (4.01 Strict).

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