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Just like everybody else nowadays, you are facing infinite amount of
information everyday. how can you keep those that truly matters to you?
MemoDepot allows you to do just that, and much more!

- Capture any information, store as notes in your MemoDepot account,
and access from anywhere
- Organize your notes the way you like, they are always available at
your fingertips
- Pinpoint any notes by powerful search, just when you need it
- Share your notes with others
- Export your notes to local machine, so you take control, not

With MemoDepot, you no longer have to throw away any useful
information: contacts, ideas, experience, coupons, receipts, pictures,
web pages, hard Googled-out results, programming sample codes,
teacher's handout, scientific references, or simply favored book
passages...... yes, ANYTHING. It is the place to deposit your
knowledge; it is the way to extend your memory.

MemoDepot is NOT merely a storage solution, a screen scraper, NOR is
another online notebook, search engine or editor - it is an end to end
knowledge build and management system, everyday, in the most convenient

To truly appreciate why MemoDepot tool and service are so powerful,
take a few minutes to check out: (PowerPonit) (Flash
Demo) (Get started!)

Any comments or suggestions, send to:

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