Mega hosting..Is it real or fake?

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Hi! I recently interacted with one hosting company offering 200GB
hosting space, 2000GB bandwidth, unlimited MS SQL and multiple domain
hosting in one single account powered by Cpanel. Can it be real or
just another fake online promise?..... Check out its add @ and let me know should I go for it or not.

Re: Mega hosting..Is it real or fake?

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If your utilisation comes close to 10%, maybe even 5% of what they've
promised you will be available, they'll shut your site down for CPU/RAM
"resource abuse". Probably without notifying you at all, much less
trying to actually work with you to help you get what you pay for.


These "hyper-over-sellers" keep weeding out those customers that
actually make use of their hardware, because every time they do so they
can squeeze another couple thousand low-traffic static-html-only
customers on that server.

Greedy companies are catered to by greedy prospects; con men often
justify themselves by saying that they are only scamming people that are
so stupid they deserve to lose their money. IMO Don't even bother
investigating companies that offer huge space and bandwidth for pennies.
As in offline world, you get what you pay for, and sometimes not even


Assuming what you're doing with your website is actually important to
you, here's my approach in looking for a hosting service:

First identify a short list of companies that 1 are honest, 2 have fast
and competent tech support and 3 have a corporate culture of stellar
customer service. Be especially diligent about their approach to
oversalling and their usual procedures for handling CPU/RAM abuse
issues. Good hosts just move their higher-traffic customers to a less-
busy server, or at least offer them a plan upgrade path; they never just
suspend an account, unless the other customers on that server are
actually affected by your buggy script or whatever.

Then check out if their server environment provides everything you need
from a technical point of view; engage their staff in a pre-sales
dialogue to test their responsiveness and see if you get along with them
at a personal level, test their download and ping response speeds, etc.
Maybe even put in a support ticket with a basic test question to see how
it's handled.

Only if/when you get your list down to a handful should you even
consider looking at the pricing of the packages - choose one where the
space/bandwidth is just a bit above what you actually need, easy enough
to upgrade later on.

If you're like me, you'll probably find that a few dollars a month isn't
worth trading off on ANY of the other factors. Of course if what you're
doing online isn't important, then feel free to ignore all of this!

Hope you find this helpful. . .

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