Major Problems / Double-Billing by XO / Concentric?

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I am a web designer having some major problems with my hosting provider
XO Communications / Concentric Networks, and am looking for some
advice, as well as others who are having similar problems with this

Many years ago, we signed-up for a Web Developer reseller account
(multiple domains/IPs for a combined low price, was marketed to web
designers to host all their client's web sites) with a company called
Nine Net Ave.  They were later bought-out by Concentric (which merged
with XO), and since then, the old 9NET customers seem to be treated
like an unwanted step-child.  Service and support degraded, changes in
the hosting industry (features/price) made their package less
attractive, but never quite enough to justify the major pain of moving
all my client's web sites somewhere else.

Well, it now appears that they are trying to "dump" all of the web
developers that signed-up for these accounts (and possibly other old
9NET customers as well), and pick your pocket while you're leaving!

My associate recently noticed that they appeared to be double-billing
his credit card.  When I called them regarding this billing error, I
was shocked by what they said.

In what appears to be an effort to force-out all of the web developer
accounts (and possibly other old 9NET clients as well), they decided to
raise the prices, not by any reasonable amount, but to charge DOUBLE
the normal price!  And didn't bother to tell us.  Just started dinging
his credit card for twice the agreed rate.

That would make our web developer "wholesale" price more expensive than
even their own retail prices!  (and cost us more than what we charge
our own customers!)  I could get a dedicated server elsewhere for less!
 This pricing appears to make no sense, unless their intent is to force
people off.

Even worse, they refused to even discuss the disputed credit card
overcharges, unless I immediately agreed to transfer our (client's)
domains to new "Concentric" hosting plan(s)!  What she was talking
about were single-site retail plans, as far as I know, I don't think
they even have any multi-domain reseller hosting plans.

So basically, it sounded to me like she was trying to exort me into
handing all of my own hosting clients over to Concentric!

And if I decide to move to another hosting provider, I guess they
figured on keeping the extra $ they "stole" from us as a nice "going
away gift"?!

I can't be the only one being hit by these actions, so I'm trying to
track-down other XO / Concentric customers that may have had similar

As the plan I have was marketed to web developers, I figure this is a
good place to start.

9Net also had some retail hosting plans, as I recall.  I'm not sure if
they are also double-charging them or not, but if any fellow
"old-timers" that were building web sites back then know of anyone that
had one of those hosting accounts, you might want to tell them to take
a close look at their last credit card statements, and let me know if
they are getting hit by this as well.  Thanks!

Re: Major Problems / Double-Billing by XO / Concentric?

Arlington Mall wrote:

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yeah, no kidding!

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wow, time warp. all this time. ok, sit down, focus. you might feel a
tingling. ok, maybe a burning. focus. good. relax, it's done.

you are now in present time.

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please send billing address.

Re: Major Problems / Double-Billing by XO / Concentric?

Arlington Mall wrote:
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What you do is move all the accounts to a new server then file a chargeback.
Move the accounts BEFORE you do the chargeback or you could lose everything.

Re: Major Problems / Double-Billing by XO / Concentric?

On 11 May 2006 19:47:36 -0700, "Arlington Mall"
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Before you do anything, talk to your lawyer. Concentric only
purchased the assets of 9Net in 1999.

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