mail script dies sporadically

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we've just finished setting up our new web server. it's running windows2003
advanced server and argoSoft as the mail server. we run scheduled tasks to
send out emails on a regular basis. sometimes these work, and sometimes they
die with cryptic error msgs:

[10053] Software caused connection abort

[10054] Connection reset by peer

Error was Operation timed out

from what i've read on these error msgs, these can be thrown by timeout,
buffer issues, or a firewall. the scripts connect to smtp server on a lan ip
address (i.e. 192.168.xx.xx) and we only run a firewall on the router,
external to the machine, so it's not that. i've tried shutting down the
virus scan, and still get the occasional error. i've also tried tweaking the
tcp windows size, but that hasn't helped.

this is a real tough one to solve. anybody got recommendations on next steps
to tracking down the problem?


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