Mad Spammer in retreat?

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Unfortunately, to do that I would need a lawyer, and to do to that I
would need money.  At this point, I think it's an open question
whether there's any need for further action.  My strongest cause for
concern, the fake email account, hasn't been attached to a new post in
more than 30 hours, and the Mad Spammer's other nyms haven't shown
activity in two days for more.  While it might be premature (if not
provocative) to say either way, it looks like, for one reason or
another, the Spammer has gone dormant.

Re: Mad Spammer in retreat?

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You were saying... ?

David: McAllister is literally mentally ill and obsessive to the point that
this hate campaign of his is going on now for *eight years*. He's not going
to stop until he's in jail or he's dead.

He just keeps adding victims each time someone has the courage to actually
stand up to his cowardly anonymous actions, because it's the only way he
can "man up": When he knows it's behind a keyboard.

Like it or not, you'll be targeted in his screeds now until he is removed
from society in whichever way.

The fact that you, me and the rest of his victims are completely and
totally innocent of anything he says matters absolutely not to him, because
truth does not exist in his vocabulary.

Marc Bissonnette
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