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I downloaded M$ VWD 2005 and installed the sql server to run with it.
1) How do i create server? is there a M$ version of PHPmyadmin?
2) I cant find the server using Localhost. is there another setting ie
localhost:8090 for example?



Paul Watt

Re: M$ visual web developer

Paul Watt wrote:
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  These are questions best answered by a Microsoft group.

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Re: M$ visual web developer

Paul Watt wrote:
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1) I believe there is a SQL 2005 Express management tool - check the MS website

2) VWD doesn't include a web server.

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Re: M$ visual web developer

On Tue, 25 Apr 2006 09:41:42 +0100, "Paul Watt"

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Install Apache and either MySQL or Postgres

The fallacy of "free" VWD and a M$ server is that it ties you into M$
platforms for hosting, especially if you choose M$ SQL.  Although M$ SQL
is a fine database server, if you're in a position where you really need
that for hosting then you're at a level where saving a few bucks on a
free development tool is neither here nor there.

If a free / cheap development tool is useful to you, then host the
database on MySQL now and save yourself a port when it comes to getting
the live site hosted. It's almost inconceivable that you'd actually host
live on M$ SQL.

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