Lunar host are they all that?

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I need anyone who has experience with lunarhost. I have looked at them
for an option for hosting my site. They have the space and capabilities
I need for the price I  can afford.
My other option is Blue host.
I need to know what how they operate from someone who has experience
with them.
My current webhost has very little of anything.
The ultimate idea for me would to just get my own server but I do not
have the money.
I would appreciate the help.
Thank you

Re: Lunar host are they all that?

On Fri, 26 Jan 2007 10:03:08 -0800, Incon wrote:

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I haven't any experience with that host, but I do have experience of two
others: one excellent for me in all respects but one - they're a bit
expensive; the other seems really good, but it's early days and I'm still
in the process of assessing them.

If my life depended on it, I'd recommend you to save a bit more cash and
go with the (slightly more) expensive one.  Their headline numbers don't
look as good as some of the stack 'em high, sell 'em cheap hosts out
there, but they appear to have a good reputation and my experience of them
has been faultless.  Whatever you decide, a common piece of advice I came
across was that you get what you pay for, and some of these offers are so
cheap for a reason (that you're not told about before you sign up).

You're more than welcome to email me if you're curious, but I don't envy
you one bit.  I found finding a new host a crap experience and the only
bad time I've ever had buying something off the net.

If I was looking now, I'd look here and search for some good forums, but
even then, I found it tough finding much information that was reliable. If
your potential host has a user forum, take a look in there, too.  You
should get a flavour of what it's like to commit to them.

Good luck.

Re: Lunar host are they all that? says...
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I have only been with them a short time with mixed feeling.

What works is fine its just that I have to do more work then in some
other hosts eg I am trying to get TWIKI going but for some reason what
is a simple task on some of my other sites seems to be extremely
difficult on their site.

On the other hand what works is well. They answer support question
almost immediately and for what I am paying it is very good value all
So I do recommend them.

If you are upset with my comments then some way you must care what I
think or with logic. Since it is unlikely to be me it must be logic.

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Re: Lunar host are they all that?

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Been with them for a cople of years. SO far pretty good service. Way better than
Powweb, who used to be good

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