looking to start rss video feed - a few questions...and some help!

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I have both mp3 and video files.
Here is the RSS for the mp3's -

Now, the with the video files, they are not streaming and in fact they
are in a few different formats : wmv, mov, mp3, mv4, 3gp
Now, since none of them are streaming, how should I do this?
here is my website :
click on any of the tv shows and see how it is set up.  Since I haven't
really been using RSS for video, I wonder how it all works.

After that is done and I get my RSS file working for video (if I can do
it without streaming).  Where should I go next?  I notice alot of tiny
graphics for RSS and YAHOO RSS on people's site, but I don't know what
they are all about.  Do people need to click on them?  What is the
Thanks, I know it is alot of questions, but I want to get this sorted

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