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I've been an amateur/semi-pro webmaster and designer/programmer
(focusing more on the latter) for several years.  I'm quite
comfortable using Access databases, ASP, and general HTML.  Just about
all of my experiences to date are on Windows servers.  But an upcoming
project involves adding a mailing list feature to an existing site
running on an Apache server.  It will require installing a PHP mailing
list manager which will also use MySQL, with which I have no
experience.  I'm considering a few off the shelf PHP mailing list
management packages to speed implementation, but I'm still looking for

I've looked so far at PHPList and Fast Sender.  I'm looking for a
solid, feature packed system which will handle 4,000+ mailings at a
time (so it has to throttle down to 400-500 emails per hour due to
hosting provider requirements).  Anyone have any suggestions as to
other packages?  PHPList supports double opt-in registration (which I
really like), while Fast Sender doesn't, but it's campaign reporting
and GUI seems more professional looking.

I'm also looking for decent PHP and MySQL tutorials and language
references.  I probably should be considered a relative newbie in
these two areas, but I can catch on pretty quickly, due to my ASP and
Windows hosting experience.

All suggestions appreciated!

Re: Looking for PHP and MySQL tutorials

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Get a good book, or two, really. PHP and MySQL is to vast to learn from
an online tutorial. Moreover, a lot of PHP examples I've seen are
extremely badly written.

Two books I recently bought:
PHP and MySQL Web Development, 4th ed - Luke Welling and Laura Thomson
PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice, 2nd ed - Matt Zandstra

I recommend to read as far as possible in the first one, and making
notes. You most likely will get stuck after a while. Then start over
again, and enhance your notes (some are now obvious, and you could scrap

Don't learn a language with a book on your lap behind a computer [1] nor
learn a language by copy pasting examples and modifying until it
"works". Try to understand first and then enter the code. Otherwise you
end up copying code from paper to a computer and guessing what it does.

As for online references, if you're using Firefox (or Chrome, etc.) make
add the following URLs as keymarks [2]:

keyword   location
php       http://www.php.net/manual-lookup.php?pattern=%s
mysql     http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Amysql.com%20%s

[1] Even if the book seems to be written just for that.
[2] See: http://johnbokma.com/firefox/keymarks-explained.html

John Bokma                                                               j3b

Hacking & Hiking in Mexico -  http://johnbokma.com/
http://castleamber.com/ - Perl & Python Development

Re: Looking for PHP and MySQL tutorials

Michael wrote:
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You might also want to subscribe to a PHP newsletter at
http://www.phpclasses.org/newsletter /

Re: Looking for PHP and MySQL tutorials

http://www.lynda.com /

Not cheap, but they really helped me with DreamWeaver

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