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Currently our website uses a content management system to manage
content on its basic pages, a news portal to manage the news part of
our stie, blog software for the blog, a wiki to manage the knowledge
base of our site, and forum software for the discussion forum.

The problem is non of these packages plays nicely with the others.  If
I want to comment on a news article, I've got to create a login.  If I
then want to go to the discussion forum and discuss it more in depth,
I've got to first find the correct thread then create a forum login.
Same if I want to suggest a change to the wiki.

This is also a nightmare to maintain. If we do a graphic redesign, then
we have to come up with new templates, style sheets, and gaphics for
each package.  If a user has a problem with the site, I spend half the
time trying to figure out what part of the site is the cause of the

There's got to be a better way.  I'd like a full open source (and free)
website solution.  I would prefer that it use PHP and MySQL, although
Perl is fine for a language and any free open source database is fine
too (best would be for it to support a couple of different DB's).  Does
anything like this exist?

Re: Looking for open source web solution

Have a look to tikiwiki.org



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