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I currently have a online store, www.americansweets.co.uk using basic
FrontPage and paypal. It has been very popular since launch ,(1 year), and I
have now decided to upgrade  for a easy to use, more professional looking,
ecommerce solution. I have virtually no programming skills and am too darn
busy to learn them! I need a easy to use storefront system with paypal
integration that MUST have a stock control system, (eg I can tell the system
I have say 20 of an item which once sold will not then allow forward sales
of a product). I am UK based so preferably a system geared towards GBP
rather than dollars. I don't want to spend more than about 250 to do this.
Any ideas? I have seen and tested a few with mixed results! Any help would
be appreciated.
Many thanks.
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Re: Looking for new ecommerce solution

well you dont have to pay for shopping carts these days, most good ones
are free or next to free.

Maybe searching a good site: www.hotscripts.com

that might help.


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Re: Looking for new ecommerce solution

posted something that included:

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There's no reason you shouldn't be able to do this with OScommerce or
ZenCart. They would welcome your contributions for further
development, but their software is royalty free. OScommerce is more
popular, having been around longer, but I like ZenCart better; it's
very similar, but I think it's easier to use. Handling a variety of
currencies including GBP is not a problem, keeping track of inventory
is a snap, and either shopping cart offers a variety of payment
options you can enable, including PayPal. These packages are intended
for non-programmers.

Your existing hosting provider may well have these packages
pre-installed so you can add them with a few clicks. If not, I'd be
happy to set up anyone like you with a demo account where you could
play around with these apps for a month or two, and decide which you
prefer, see how difficult it would be to customize them to do what you
want (and look the way you like). No charge and no obligation. Our
toll-free 24x7 support number (877-404-6344) doesn't work in the UK,
but you can call 1-717-431-7327 instead, or send email at "support at

Good luck!
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Re: Looking for new ecommerce solution

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I'm in the final phases of completing a new ecommerce engine that
sounds like it would do what you want.  However the exact timing is
unclear... my wife says "it's software, it's never done".  I'm pushing
hard to get it done but there's a lot left to do.  If you're
interested there's a mailing list you can join, click the link in my
sig.  As others have mentioned, there are existing carts and such that
you can use, but my own personal feeling is that most of the free
products out there cost quite a bit in setup time and learning curve,
especially if you have few programming skills; still, lots of people
seem to manage it.  Best luck finding a solution that matches your


Re: Looking for new ecommerce solution

alandem wrote:
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That's easy enough

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Hire someone?

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Again, easy enough

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Now we have problems.

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Yes - first suggestion:

Be willing to pay what it will take to have it done right.

Otherwise, you'll do it on the cheap & end up with more crap that
you're not happy with. (and that may not work, that you have to pay
someone else to fix, that causes you to lose sales, etc.)

Now, assuming you choose to open your mind to a larger budget:

Consider OSCommerce ( http://www.oscommerce.com ) - it's free (open
source) to download & install, and can be customized fairly easily.
Then, hire a decent PHP programmer to do the customization for you &
get it set up. If you don't know anyone offhand, our very own Steve
Sobol ( http://www.justthe.net ) has experience with OSCommerce & PHP.
I'm sure there are others on this NG who do as well.

But to have it done right will cost more than 250, I'm sure.

Perhaps there are some commercial solutions for the price you ask, but
I'm not aware of them. Considering that you are using Paypal, you might
want to look on their developer's forum & see if there are any
offerings there.

Good luck.

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