Looking for Membership software or a Membership service. This is Long - Sorry

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              Looking for Membership software or a Membership service.

PART 1. - Looking for Software

I'm looking for Membership software that will work with PHP, MySql on
Cpanel that will allow me to create an online alumni directory. The
features would include (but not limited to) the  following:

1: Establish on the website an online database shell for a school alumni
association that will hold name, address, telephone, year of graduation,
current employer plus a few other variables.

2. Populate the shell of the database with data from a Foxpro DBF of
about 15000 records. Update the database every year with 200 hundred new

3. Download the entire database once a year (more frequently for
backups) and pass it through the Post Office National Change of Address
database to get the latest address information. Upload the corrected
database to the web site with the latest address information.

4. Permit alumni already in the database to register. After their
registration is validated via an email to their email address, allow
them to update their profile information mentioned in 1. above.

5. Permit alumni who are registered to search for other alumni to obtain
their mailing address, email address and other profile information.

6. Do not accept online registrations from new members. New members can
only be added by the administrator, generally once a year for the new
graduating class.

7. Permit Group Administrators to access and change any information for
their Group. A group would generally be defined as the class year of
graduation. Group Administrators could also download all members of
their to capture class data into an Excel spread sheet to be used for
mailing labels, etc.

My main concern is security and making sure unauthorized people can't
get access to the information. I currently do all of the above using a
PHP script that calls up a hidden FormMail.cgi on my website. The
FormMail captures the information on address and email changes. When an
email comes to my inbox with the change information, I cut and paste it
into a Foxpro .dbf. Boring, Boring, Boring but secure :-) I have done
8657 of these since 1996 when first established the web site and I'm
getting tired. :-(

After doing a Google search and also searching Sourceforge, I came up
with the following possibilities.

CMS - PHP-Nuke and Mambo. These have membership modules but everything
else that is provided may be over kill for what I'm trying to do.
PHP-Nuke allows you to upload all eligible members into the MySQL
database which is something a definitely need to do. Mambo may also have
these capabilities but can't be sure yet.

These are more specfic to what I'm trying to do but may require more
work on my part than PHP-Nuke or Mambo.

Advanced Membership System
PHPAlumniPro 2.2
VAuthenticate 3.0.1
Project Alumni
Padre Membership

Are there any others I should look at?

                         Part 2 - Looking For A Service

I would actualy prefer to buy a service that would do all of the above
for a charge. Perhaps members could be charged $5 -$10 a year to access
other members information. What I don't know is how many members would
sign up for a subscription.


At 75 years old, I'm not looking forward to doing Part 1 and much prefer
Part 2. I know Foxpro programming very well but am not interested in
becoming proficient in either PHP or MySQL. I can do minor modifications
to existing scripts but I'm not interested in starting from scratch.

However, it may be I'll have to do Part 1 and then try and turn it over
to a younger alumni/ae to run.

Sorry this was so long. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: Looking for Membership software or a Membership service. This is Long - Sorry

Arnie Goetchius wrote:

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My employer recently looked at membership software with a view to
switching our CRM package. We have about 350,000 contacts, with about
70,000 current members. We need to keep track of contact information,
payment details, mailing preferences, communications log and so forth.

We finally settled on CARE <http://www.care.co.uk/ which is a Windows
client running on either a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle backend. It also
has a SOAP API, allowing you to query and interact with the data fairly
easily from PHP. The SOAP API is fairly limited in the current version,
and some direct access to the underlying data tables is required, though
these are well documented, and we understand that the API is being
expanded with each version.

It has a fairly active user group <http://www.cug.org.uk with strong
links between the company and the user group. CARE have several UK
universities that use the software for keeping student data, and many
large charities and professionals organisations also use it.

A strong second place canditate was SodalitaS <http://www.millertech.co.uk/ .
This is Oracle based.

Other software we looked at:

    * eTarget <http://www.centrepoint.uk.com
    * iMIS <http://www.advsol.com/AM/Template.cfm
    * MRS3 <http://www.rivingtonstreetsoftware.com

All of which costs £££.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
Contact Me  ~ http://tobyinkster.co.uk/contact

Re: Looking for Membership software or a Membership service. This is Long - Sorry

Toby Inkster wrote:
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Many thanks for your thoughtful reply. It is appreciated. However, as
you point out there are 's involved, probably a lot more than we are
prepared to spend at this time.

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