looking for host where we can run a custom spam filter

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We're a small software development company looking for a new
shared hosting provider.

Minimum requirements:
1. at least three (3) business days notification of NON system related
   issues (e.g. DMCA)
2. acceptable to publish data related to spam that we ourselves have
   received and can fully document
   (our database is fairly small, mostly consisting of domains which are
    already in at least one major Spammer URI Blocklist;
    we have a formal policy for dealing with "Joe Jobs")
3. PHP

Really Nice-to-haves:
4. some well documented way to install our own spam filter
   (it's a compiled binary that receives each email on stdin,
    gets the SMTP envelope vars from environment variables,
    and returns a result code which determines whether the message is
    passed or dropped)
5. explicitly disallows adult hosting
6. MySQL (light use only)
7. CGI   (light use only)

Nice-to-haves, but lowest priority:
8. reseller program (we maintain a few customer sites)
9. dedicated servers

Item #1 is because some of us are Reservists, and we are not always
to maintain a continuous watch.  We're in the early stages of litigation
against an itsy-bitsy, no-bit spammer, and our current host's DMCA
policy only allows a 24-hour notification period, followed by an
immediate full site "take down" if no counter claim is filed.

The spammer has already made one mischievious complaint against us.
It was easily identified by & deflected by our webhost, however, under
their existing DMCA policy, the spammer could file a formal DMCA claim,
and even if it was obviously fraudulent, they'd be required to take our
entire site down, as long as he dotted all i's, crossed all t's, and we
didn't get the notification during their small window.  :(

Again, just to clarify:  we're strictly worried about fraudulent claims.
All our content is our own, or by reliable subcontractors.

We've got no problem with an immediate take down of a rogue script (or
even disabling an entire CGI directory), or any other fast action for
must-act-now tech issues.

We've found several viable candidates, but we're also hoping to find one
who can & will run a custom spam filter (#4 above) written by one of our
(professional) programmers.

Our filter has been running trouble free on our current host for more
than 5 months, and more than half of all spam is killed with LESS than
10 milliseconds application run-time.  It's faster and has a smaller
footprint than SpamAssassin (and more effective: 98% vs SA's 68%).

The filter currently runs under Linux, but could easily be adapted to
run under Windows.

So far, we've found only two hosts that allow custom spam filters,
however, both fail to meet our other "must-haves".

We'd really like to get this all nailed down soon - ideally, before the
movie Serenity's opening weekend, 'cause if our spammer has even half
brain, he'd know we're all going to be "busy" then.  :-)

Thanks for any relevant information anyone can provide!

Re: looking for host where we can run a custom spam filter

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As you've found, #4 can be tricky.

If you move #9 to #1 then all others will be under your control by  
default.  Any reason it's so far down the list?

Have you considered Sealand?  http://www.havenco.com /

William Tasso

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