Looking for graphics designer for algebra.com

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My site algebra.com is a children's math site and a community for free
math tutors. It is all dynamic, generated by mod_perl. Its presentation
format is separated from the information being presented. Also, most
stuff is in a MySQL database.

That said, while it has some interesting features, my graphical skills
are not worth much. So, I am looking for a graphics designer who would
come up with a good website layout, with appreciation for the

1) Redesign should not interfere with search engines
2) Redesign should not negatively impact S.E. rankings (I am first for
keyword algebra etc)
3) It should not overly rely on high bandwidth graphics because I pay
for bandwidth
4) I can relatively easily support two or more styles, switchable from
user preferences.
5) It should leave place for adsense ads.

So. If you are serious (meaning have done a few successful projects,
can complete what you start, etc), write me at ichudov@algebra.com.

I will pay reasonable fees.



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