Looking for Ezine Host

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Currently, we are using a business class ISP who is able to handle the
10,000+ weekly newsletter we send out.  I abhore spam, and promptly
remove anyone who so desires, and we are not selling a product, just
sending out a newsletter.  Our web site is colocated elsewhere, and
this is the only thing we use our Exchange Server for (except getting
our own mail).  We create the newsletters through GroupMail and send
them out over that Exchange Server.  We would use a local ISP, but
they all say their servers would be unable to handle the load.

What I am looking for is someone who can host just the sending out of
the newsletters.  Any ideas?

 Adrienne Boswell at work
 Administrator nextBlock.com
 http://atlas.nextblock.com/files /
 Please respond to the group so others can share

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