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I run a small business and we have a website that we conduct product
sales. Our site requirements are:

1. High bandwidth since we have A/V clips for users to play and we have
a lot of people hitting our site
2. Shopping cart for product sales. Currently we are using Miva 4.0
3. BBS for users to post their comments
4. Website is written in ASP.NET accessing a SQL database
5. Credit card charged using Authorize.Net

Is Apollo a good choice? Are they very stable? Since they support Miva,
they would seem a good choice. We used Apollo before and our site used
to crash quite often, but I am not sure if it is our fault.

We like GoDaddy.com, but they dont have Miva. If we migrate away from
Miva to another shopping cart, it may be a lot of work.

Any tips?

We are in the LA area.


Re: Looking for a suitable web host

On 9 Dec 2006 21:28:30 -0800, dchou4u@hotmail.com wrote:

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Always call a prospective host, talk to the pre-sales team, explain
your requirements (as above) and think about the response you get.
Many hosts will say they can't help, that's honest of them. Others may
not understand your requirements, reject them. Still others will offer
you a price, consider it, and make the choice.


Re: Looking for a suitable web host

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There's your answer - start looking at firms that maintain a r/w presence  
in LA.

William Tasso


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