Looking for a javascript (copy & paste in a form)

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Hi all;

I've tried googling for this and spent a couple of hours looking through a
multitude of java script sites, but couldn't find what I'd like to do;

I've got a number of clients who need to use accented characters in their
content that is served on a DB (MySQL); What I'd like to do is have a list
of accented characters to the side of the input form that they could click
on and the numeric equivalent (i.e. é for " ") would be
automagically inserted at the last cursor position within a textarea or
input box.

I did see one example that was very close to what I wanted to do, but
looking at the source suggested that the entire list needed to be pre-
definded for each and every input field/textarea on the form;

Is this possible - does something like this exist ? (I'm a perl guy, not a
JS guy, thus my ignorance on the subject ;( )

Many thanks for any insights!

Marc Bissonnette
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Re: Looking for a javascript (copy & paste in a form)

Marc Bissonnette wrote:

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It's no problem adding it at the end of text:

<a href="javascript:makeEl('&#233;')"></a>

function makeEl(el){

var field_obj=document.forms['name_of_form']['form_element_name'];

field_obj.value=field_obj.value + el;


Or something like that.

No way I know to tell the cursors position. In IE you can tell the
location of highlighted text, not in other popular browsers though.

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Me too. But I like javascript.


not a
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