Looking for a good web log analyzer

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Currently we are looking for a good web log analyzer, with the
following features:

1. Can build statistics information for every page on every day. For
example, I want to know for each page on a whole website, on Nov. 1
how many visitors have visited that page, and the countries and
browsers of these visitors, and how long have they stayed on that
page. Also I want to get the data for Nov 2, 3 and so on.

2. Do not need to modify the existing webpages and imbed html codes,
like Google Analystic.

3. Run on the server so that we don't need to download the log file
before analyzing it.

4. Free or at a low cost.

I have checked awstats, it can report every page statistics on every
day, however, for each day, I must run the command seperately. It is
very inconvenience when I try to get a trend of the days.

Re: Looking for a good web log analyzer

I recommend you Statcounter. Although you have to include a line of
code to every page, it is not more than four lines.

Re: Looking for a good web log analyzer

On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 06:26:38 -0800 (PST), Alan put finger to keyboard
and typed:

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Two of your requirements are in conflict here. To find out how long a
visitor spent on a page, you need some client-side code (ie,
Javascript), as the server logs simply don't contain that information.
And you can't have Javascript-based data without modifying your
existing pages.

If you're happy with a "best guess" approach to your stats, then some
sever-side stats packages can give an estimate of time spent on pages,
by looking for sequential accesses with your own site as the referer.
But it's unreliable, especially if you have the type of site where
people may enter it on any page and then leave without ever viewing
another page.

Having said that, Javascript-based stats aren't precise either, as
they rely on scripting (and usually cookies) being enabled on the
visitor's browser. But, given that proviso, they tend to be a better
way of tracking human users as most people have scripting and cookies
enabled. There is something of a tradeoff here anyway between
server-side stats, which are precise (because they are reported by
your server, not the browser) but inaccurate (because they are
affected by caching and proxying), and client-side stats, which are
imprecise (because not all clients will report them) but accurate
(because they are not affected by caching and proxying).

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This is unlikely to be possible, given your requirements.

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If awstats isn't good enough, then you're unlikely to find any other
server-side solution that's free or cheap. But your requirements in
paragraph 1 are better served by client-side stats, anyway. I suggest
that you bite the bullet and modify your existing pages. Even if it's
static HTML, it shouldn't be too hard if you use a batch processor to
do the job.

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Re: Looking for a good web log analyzer

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http://www.analog.cx /

You might want to download the source, and amend it to your particular


Re: Looking for a good web log analyzer

Maybe Nihuo analyzer is good choice for you. A sample of Nihuo's log
file reports can be found in http://www.loganalyzer.net/sample/index.html .

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