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I don't know if this is the right group to post this in but here I go.

I want to start a community website for people who've have significant
weight loss.
I want each registered member to have their own page w/ before and
after photos and a journal or diary for their progress, etc.

I want a searchable recipe database, bulletin board, polls etc.

I know that html coding is not interactive enough and I have found
several separate php apps that do each element I need but does anyone
know if there's a single app or am I going to have to code them
together myself?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help or just offer up some advice.

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bluphoenix@gmail.com wrote:

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Maybe a blog that supports multiple blogs?
I use Nucleus, but I haven't tried out their multiple blog function,
so I don't know how it handles separate logins.
They have a faq list about that though:

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My initial suggestions would be (assuming you don't want to either code your
own content management software or pay for a bespoke package) you check out
PHPNuke or (better in my opinion) Dragonfly CMS (http://www.cpgnuke.com /) as
both of these provide pretty much everything you are looking for.

As long as your webspace has PHP and MySql they are very easy to install and
get running.

There is a custom module for recipes and with the Coppermine bits you can do
photo management very easily.

While YMMV, I have never had any problems with sites "powered" by either of
these CMS.

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