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I'm currently designing a logo for my business, and was looking for a
little feedback - I hope this is the appropriate forum.  Have a look
and let me know - PBase comments, posting or email - whatever.



This is the preliminary work.  Tentatively, this will be the splash
page and to enter the site, you will click on the shutter release - so
clever!  Anyway, sorry about the copyright text, but I've seen some
direct linking and I just need to be careful...

Re: Logo design - feedback wanted

Ben Miller wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


I see what you're getting at, but personally I don't like this type of
entry page.  I see a camera - but it the site about selling cameras, a
photographer's site, selling stock photos... etc.

If I can't tell within a few seconds what a sites about, I move on.  And
to me there isn't enough here to catch my interest and get me to enter
the site.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Logo design - feedback wanted

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I see what you're saying, but I'm a little different that way.  Plus
it says "photography", which basically rules out camera sales off the
bat.  As far as minimal information on the splash page, I suppose I
could drop a little more info in the form of simple hyperlinks below
the logo - bio, portfolio, contact, etc.  I don't want a lot of info
on the front page - and I'm kind fo the opposite of you in that I get
curious about what the logo is representing.

Which is the heart of my question - the design - is it a good logo?
Is the design work solid?  I like it - I was wondering how others felt
about the work....

Re: Logo design - feedback wanted

Quoted text here. Click to load it
In my view, it is not a strong logo. The font is not easy to read, and there
is nothing in the font design (or color) that somehow suggests
"photography." The barrel distortion may be intended to accomplish that, but
does not, in my view. Also, it's odd for a site about photography to be
fronted by an image of a camera that is out of focus!

My 2 cents, the rest of the world may absolutely love it.


Re: Logo design - feedback wanted

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The out of focus idea was to replicate depth of field, which is the
out of focus background areas of a photograph, particularly sought
after in good sports photography - sharp focus on the primary subject
with a creamy bokeh, or out of focus background.  However, you are not
the first person who mentioned such.  I went back to the drawing board
and came up with this:



Thx for the input...


Re: Logo design - feedback wanted

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If I were commissioning this work for a client (I do corporate PR), I'd ask
the artist to create the camera as a drawing, rather than using a photo or a
photo-realistic rendering. A visitor might start thinking, "Gee, that looks
like the Nikon X14" (or whatever) and get sidetracked from thinking about
the site content. (I stared at the camera for several seconds, wondering
what about the wire thingy that arcs down on the left side from the lens
barrel toward the bottom of the camera and then disappears. Silly, I know,
but you don't want me thinking about the camera, you just want me to enter
the site!)

Also, a from-scratch drawing precludes possible legal conflicts with the
company that makes the camera you apparently used. (There is a concept
called 'trade dress' that protects the 'look' of a product even if you don't
use the product's name. For example, you can't make an electric shaver that
looks just like a Norelco, regardless of what name you put on it.)

The image in the lens seems to have radial lines, like an archery target,
rather than a smoothly arched effect. That's confusing and distracting.

Have you considered animating the lens image once as the page comes up, as
if the lens shutter is being snapped? Might work, might be hokey.

Making the entire image a click-to-enter is great. For us real morons, a
small "click image to enter" tucked into a corner of the image might be
nice. If live type, it could also help visually impaired users. (They are
not your primary audience, naturally, given the content of the site, but
it's nice to be inclusive.)

Re: Logo design - feedback wanted

Quoted text here. Click to load it

A good logo works in all  media and for the most part at all sizes.

A crude go/no go test is to set the logo as you would on a letter head and
fax it to a B&W fax machine. If it does not look decent or say 'you' at the
other end ,.. start over.

Another is to change the size, if it does not say 'you' at either end of the
scale ... start over.

Re: Logo design - feedback wanted

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It's too big at 152kb.

If you go the spash and click-to-enter route, make sure you put Google
Analytics on the home page so you can see how many visitors bounce
immediately.  You'll change the idea next week when you see 85% of
your visitors exiting immediately.

Re: Logo design - feedback wanted

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Ben, I have to agree with the majority. Skip the idea of a splash
page; they're typically amateurish, and if the customer thinks that
you're an amateur then it's easier to click on "back" rather than
click on the image.

I've built sites for many years, and it's inevitable that at least
once a year a client will absolutely demand a splash page, against my
advice. But like Phil said, it never fails that within 3 or 4 months,
they call me up and ask for it to be removed.

But about the logo. Using a camera is a cool idea, but the most
important attributes for a logo are:

1. It makes sense for the product, and at a glance tells the customer
who you are and what you do;

2. It's easy to read and understand;

3. It's transportable into multiple media types; and

4. It doesn't hurt if it's easy to remember and easy to brand.

Your first logo was hard to read and was confusing, but the last one
was a significant improvement. However, keep in mind that you may
eventually want to print the logo in newspapers, on a sign in front of
your store front or gallery, on your business card, etc, so the photo
of the camera isn't exactly transportable. This is one reason why Alex
made the excellent suggestion of converting the camera to a drawing
instead of a photo.

If it were me, I would forego the idea of using the large picture of
the camera as a logo at all, and would instead focus on revamping the
text logo that you have in the upper left. You can use the camera as
part of the website design (maybe lighten it up to the point that it's
barely visible, then use it as a background image), but don't try to
brand it as your official logo.

Good luck,


Re: Logo design - feedback wanted

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That's why I suggested putting in Google analytics (or some other
tracking service) so he can see just how many visitors pick up the the
splash page and exit the site from there.  I'm been staggered
sometimes by how many do that.

I suspect once he sees that number he'll dump it instantly.

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