Local site search engine - any recommendations?

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I have been using Fluid Dynamics SE, but as the site has grown, it's getting
slower and less manageable and it's no longer being developed.

I have been looking at a few alternatives:

InterSpire FastFind - looks easy to use, but I'm not sure it has the realm
or category specific search capability I need.

MNOGO Search - have installed this and it's fast, but development appears to
have stopped, it doesn't have a web config interface and I can't see how to
get reports and stats out of it.

OpenWebSpider - looks promising, but there seems to be very little feedback
from users.

If I have to purchase a licence, I don't really want to pay more than a $100
per licence (I need two). It needs to be as close to Google/Yahoo, etc.
functionality as possible for search users. I'm running Linux/Apache/MySQL,
etc. Performance needs to be good - 50,000-100,000 pages will be indexed,
including some dynamic pages - the server is a 2GB RAM twin Opteron. I'd
like to index configured realms separately and have access to key words

Any help will be very gratefully received!


Re: Local site search engine - any recommendations?

Digital Photography Now wrote:

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GreyWyvern's Orca Search looks very featureful. It is apparently optimised
for somewhat smaller sites than the one you describe, but given that it's
free, you could still give it a try to see what sort of performance you

GreyWyvern frequents this neighbourhood, so may be able to further
elucidate. In particular, I don't know whether it takes advantage of
MySQL5's full text indexing capabilities.

I'm currently writing a blog/CMS tool and when I get to the search
engine bit, I am planning on stealing^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hborrowing heavily
from Orca Search.

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