Local link display help needed please

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Using an internal sales program we use has the ability to setup links in
html to either img or txt files, that would then display in the built-in

How can I write a universal code to display the contents of a local folder,
so users could click on the item in the folder to access each?  It's very
confusing to state in a comprehensive way when I can't show anyone exactly
what I'm working with, but hopefully someone can guide me :)

As an example, this works to display an individual image chosen but will
only work for the one contact, since it's his image, in his folder, with
this particular name:

<A href="file://q:&lt;&lt;&amp;company&gt;&gt;\Baler\Al-jon200-1W.jpg"><IMG
alt="" hspace=0 src="Q:\&lt;&lt;&amp;company&gt;&gt;\Al-jon 200
Baler\Al-jon200-1W.jpg" align=baseline border=5></A>

The company name is pulled from the current contact record shown in the
sales program - the rest of the path is something that will change from one
contact to the next, so my only option is to display a list of the folder
contents per contact. I want to be able to use this same link on every
record no matter what their available documents are for a universal view.
So while I can't pull in the actual images, I could at least pull in a list
of available images...

I tried to use the above example but cutting off the path after the company
reference and \ but it won't display the folder contents doing that... :(
Maybe it's just not possible but I thought I'd ask the link gurus!!


Re: Local link display help needed please

MEH wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Should be easy to to in PHP or Perl.  But I don't know of any existing
scripts which would do just what you're looking for.

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