LoadVaraiblesNum command in Flash

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I am trying to use the LoadVaraiblesNum command in flash 5.0.
 In the first frame that is being loaded of the main movie I placed
comand LoadVaraiblesNum ("eye_view.swf", 0); . Eye view.swf movie has
only one variable in it, Which is set at its first frame as Pieces = 9;
it is located in the same folder as the main movie in my computer and
it is not loaded to the flash player. I am trying to load the value of
pieces to the main movie which is loaded in level0. In the second frame
of main movie, which is automatcaly loaded into the computer after the
first frame I placed condition if (pieces == 9), the conditon does not
work since pieces does not recieve the value 9. What am I doing wrong?

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