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One of the sites I work on holds a large number of pages, and these each
require a small amount of pre-processing before they are served up to a
visitor. The delay is normally minimal and there is caching in place so that
most pages are mostly rendered served with no delay, but occasionally
(especially if I'm doing some maintenance activities on the server) it might
take (worst case) several seconds to serve up a page.

Whilst I am looking into ways to minimise any delay, I was wondering about
showing a "Loading ... please wait" if the delay is more than a second,
reloading the page every second until its available (which shouldn't take
long). Whilst I am sure I can make this look good for the end user, I am
concerned about the effect it might have on search-bots. What I don't want
is for a search bot to take "Loading .. please wait" as the content of a

Any suggestions?

 Brian Cryer

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