Loading a flash player to the user system.

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I am building a flash web site. I am looking for a reliable software
that directs user once he enters my site to load flash player  in case
she/he does not have an updated  one. I know that java script does that
trick, but many computers do not process java script. I am wondering if
any of the server side programs, such as Java or ColdFusion has this
command as well. Is any of this applications, (including java script)
going to play the flash movie from my site automatically after the
flash player has been loaded? If anyone can provide me with a sample of
code to do this job (java script or other), that will be helpfull. Also
I would like to know  to what URL can I link users via the html portion
of my page as a backup in case that they dont have any flash player at
all in order to download one?
Thanks Arnie.

Re: Loading a flash player to the user system.

On 4 Dec 2005 rmls999@hotmail.com wrote:

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There is no such animal.  Not all systems have Flash players available.
There are not Flash players available for all browsers.  (Try to find
a satandalone Flash player on Macromedia's web site that will work for
Lynx users.  You can't.  Their site tries to identify the browser you are
using and offers you a plugin for *that* browser.  If your browser is not
recognised or not supported, you get directed to a page offering you
plugins for IE and Netscape.)

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Not everyone *can* download an appropriate plugin.  (One user at my ISP
"upgraded" three or four years ago to using a Commodore 64 for his
connection because with it he could download and view GIF images (if they
weren't too large).  Prior to that he had been connecting with a TRS-80
Model I (without the lower-case mod).

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For a backup, how about a version of your page that doesn't use Flash?
Perhaps static images and appropriate alt text.  Perhaps downloads for MPG
equivalents of the Flash animation.  Perhaps transcripts for all of the
spoken stuff in the Flash animation for those who are blind who use
text-only browsers.

That all depends on what the Flash is for in the first place.  If you have
implemented a video game (say something like Commander Keen or Duke Nukem)
in Flash it couldn't easily be converted into something accessible.  A
simple notice on your site informing the users of this would be
appropriate.  If the Flash file is just an introduction to a company,
you may find that a lot of users *hate* such introductions (especially
if they are on dialup connections and doubly so if they have to make
long-distance calls to get connected) and you will be driving customers

So what exactly *is* the Flash file used for?

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Re: Loading a flash player to the user system.

On 4 Dec 2005 20:52:07 -0800, rmls999@hotmail.com put finger to
keyboard and typed:

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That's usually because their users have chosen not to process
javascript. Which, if you think about it, may also give you a clue as
to why they may not want to install Flash.

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What you want to do cannot be done. And it still can't be done, even
though you've asked the same question again instead of reading the
replies to your previous post.

The only thing you can assume that all of your site's users will get
is the HTML. Everything else is optional.

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